Infection and Multiple Sclerosis




Rheumatoid Arthritis



May 2000
Some research in the US has proposed the presence of Chlamydia Pneumonia in a substantial proportion of MS sufferers.   A further study by a different group was unable to repeat the US  findings but made the comment that the detection methods were difficult.

A new study is now underway in Dundee (Scotland).   Spinal taps will be taken from a number of known MS sufferers and a number of people from the general population to compare the presence of Chlamydia Pneumonia in both.   This will be followed by a series of monthly scans on some of those who test positive.

In a town in the US where germ warfare tests were carried out on inmates at a local prison, an outbreak of ME/CFS was noted alongside one of MS.   Was is being proposed is that these were linked to tests in the prison - which would seem to imply and infectious cause of both ME and MS.