East Kilbride
Trampolining Club

East Kilbride Trampolining Club meets in the
John Wright Sports Centre,
Calderwood Road, East Kilbride, G74 3EU.

- from The Herald - 10th August 2007

EAST KILBRIDE'S history of sporting excellence is not noted for its length. Scotland's sixth most populous town may have incubated an intriguing ensemble of actors and musicians during its 60-year stint as a new town, but its athletic heritage does not extend much further than Ally McCoist.

That surprisingly impoverished state of affairs could soon be enriched, however, thanks to the unlikely sport of trampolining.

Under the tutelage of Olivia Sorbie, East Kilbride Trampoline Club have established themselves as the best in Scotland ..............

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from In the Winning Zone - May 2007

Rising Stars: Cara Jamieson
The young trampolinist is springing her way to the top!
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