Music in the Malls

SHOPPERS will be tapping their toes in East Kilbride's shopping malls as they hunt for bargains over the September Weekend.

The Music in the Malls event runs from Saturday 24th September 2005 to Monday 26th September 2005 throughout East Kilbride Shopping Centre.

It will feature everything from salsa, dixieland jazz and Scottish/Indian fusion to traditional Scottish and classical performances - something to suit most musical taste.

Shoppers loved the Music Day held in 2004 in East Kilbride's shopping malls so, for 2005, it was decided to take it further and put on a show over the entire September weekend.

According to an East Kilbride Shopping Centre spokensperson "We may even see some dancing in the mall"

Each day will have a different theme, with

  • world music on Saturday
  • classical music on Sunday
  • traditional Scottish music on Monday.

east kilbride shopping center

east kilbride shopping center

east kilbride shopping center



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