O2 Mobile Phones

In East Kilbride the O2 mobile phone shop is to be found in The Plaza shopping area - find some further information here.

O2 is, of course, one of the United Kingdom's original two cellular phone networks operating on the 900MHz system. Originally known as Cellnet and owned by British Telecom, O2 became an independent entity before being bought over in 2005 by Telefonica of Spain.

Needless to say, a company of this calibre can offer a great range of leading mobile phone services and deals - O2- Click here....

Maybe you have your favourite brand of mobile phone - so try these:-

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Is 3G something that interests you?

Mobile phone deals can change so rapidly that you are advised to check out any of the above links you are interested in without delay. Changes to the offers and deals mentioned above may be made at any time and are outwith the control of this website - but it may be worth a general look at O2- Click here....

A talker not a texter

Samsung D600 at O2 Online

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Mobile Phones in East Kilbride

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